Before we get it all started, let us say how proud we are to be Burgundians.

Burgundy is a small region of the North East of France. More precisely, it’s between the Paris Basin and the Saône Valley. It has a strong tradition: for a long time, Burgundy has benefited  from its rich soil, and more particularly of its pretigious vineyards that have made it famous worldwide. It is well known for its production of mustard, snails, all of its huge agricultural areas. It has a history : the Dukes of Burgundy are known all over France for being the closest opponents to the King during the XVth century.


The land of Burgundy is composed of four departments  Yonne, Côte d’Or, Saône et Loire and Nièvre. All of them are really diversified, and rich of their diversity. By crossing the region, you can go from the limestone plateaux of Yonne to the rural areas of the Morvan, from the groves of Charolais to the plains of Saône and the vineyards of Mâcon. In the heart of Europe, Burgundy is crossed by a huge network of roads, railways, and it is truly a European crossroad, a land of welcome and passage.


Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, concentrates, with its metropolitan area, almost half of the population of Côte d’Or !Its activities are mostly turned to  services and wine growing. It is very different from the wide rural areas of the Morvan, that are lowly populated.

Well, that’s all we can say about Burgundy without boring you, readers. Thanks for reading us, please leave some comments !