Since the advent of the European Union, politicians have increasingly emphasized the notion of a European social model as an alternative to the American form of market capitalism.

European countries share common references, among which there are a number of values. Europeans are committed to democracy, human rights and the right of peoples to self-determination. They were even part of the criteria for the accession to the European Union.

In the economic sphere, the process of industrialization first started in Europe. Europe is also the birthplace of economic liberalism as Marxism and socialism. There is therefore still a European identity. Finally, in 2007, 67% of the Europeans believed that European countries had much in common culturally and in terms of values (peace, tolerance, respect for fundamental freedoms).

European countries are united by many things such as the currency (the €uro) or the European Institutions (European Parliament) but they have different backgrounds, cultures, they speak different languages..

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To put it in a nutshell, we can say that European Countries are “united in diversity”, and this motto is indeed the European Motto.